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Back to School - Back to Bed Promotion On Now at Resthouse Sleep Solutions in Duncan, BC

On Now Until September 10th...

The new school year is almost upon us. This year, we wanted to help make it fun for all. Not only is there evidence that suggests a good night's sleep has positive impacts on our children's ability to learn, but it is also crucial for integrating that learning as well.


This yearly recalibration of school and work routines means that parents need to readjust and get a good night's sleep as well. Therefore, this year, we're offering our biggest Back-To-School Sale ever - for kids and adults. We're putting everything you would need to create a complete sleep system available to you.


Here's how it works:

Choose a Naturepedic Verse or TFS Honest Sleep Cozy Nest or Organic Wool / Cotton Shikibuton mattress for your child for up to $150 off:

Verse Organic Mattress

Organic Cozy Nest Mattress 

Natural Cozy Nest Mattress

Organic Wool/Cotton Shikibuton Mattress


Choose an Irusu latex mattress for up to $500 off:

Irusu 7" Mattress

Irusu 9" Mattress

Irusu 11" Mattress 

Add your accessories to create your bedding bundle. Here's what we suggest:

+ Eco Wool Pillows by Holy Lamb Organics

+ Organic Cotton Mattress Pads by Savvy Rest & TFS Honest Sleep

+ Organic Cotton Sheets by Naturesoft

+ Organic Wool Comforter by Resthouse


Everything you need for a great night's sleep

Plus... a bonus:

Complete your ensemble with a Junto Western Maple Bed Frame

On sale until September 10th.



Irusu Mattresses Sale Extended to September 10th

We're offering our first sale on our in-house brand mattresses. Extended: from now until September 10th, 2019 receive up to $500 off your purchase of one of our Irusu mattresses. Visit our showroom for a fitting or find the mattresses online here. Sweet dreams...