At Resthouse, we have a pillow for any sleeper - side, back or tummy - we've got you covered. With natural fills and organic cotton casings, our pillows are made without chemical concoctions.  Wool, organic and natural latex, kapok and buckwheat are our main pillow fillings. All breathable, healthy and supportive. Each pillow can be matched with a customer's preferencial sleep position and mannerisms surrounding pillow plumping. Our showroom has every pillow available to sample and bed test before you purchase. 

A portion of our pillow line up is fully customizable, allowing you to unzip and remove some filling to create your perfect pillow height, and later add your "reserve" fill back in as needed. "Loft drop" is the number one reason a pillow no longer works, and our customizable pillow management system eliminates a lot of the need to replace your pillow so frequently.