The Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow

The Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow


Pillows are arguably one of the most important components when building your sleep system. They will likely determine whether you get a good sleep or a bad one. Choosing carefully is important to ensure your sleep is great for the whole night.

I found over the years that many people have linen closets full of pillows that just don't work - all those frustrating nights of sparring with an unsatisfactory pillow. The “magic pillow” that is advertised to change how you sleep, also often contains a variety of chemicals and toxic substances that don't support our health.

A quality pillow should be designed to provide consistent support and comfort to the neck and head. As many of us are side sleepers (a large majority of the population sleeps on their side for at least part of the night), this poses a problem. How do we get the added support for our legs and arms, when we sleep on our side? How do we attain a beneficial alignment with just a head pillow? A body pillow is the perfect solution.

What is a Body Pillow and why would I use one?

A body pillow is a long and narrow pillow that runs the length of your body, supporting both your top leg and arm throughout the night. Body pillows can be used for comfort, support and pressure relief. And best of all, they are quickly becoming recognized as one of the best solutions for relieving chronic back pain.

When sleeping on your side, the tendency is for your top leg to fall down towards the bottom leg, leading to a twisting of your spine and the collapsing of your shoulders. This ultimately causes your neck to tilt and strain, which leads to a lot of tossing and turning searching for a new comfortable sleep position.

Organic body pillows are made with simple natural ingredients:

  • Premium Eco Wool™️
  • Organic Shredded Latex

Each one has a different feel and firmness, and the Shredded latex is generously filled with the ability to customize and remove material to achieve the right alignment and a deeper sleep. The Resthouse Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow line is made of 3 body pillows that are the same size but vary in the amount of weight used to fill the body pillow casing.  There is a 3.75, 4.25 and a 5 pound version.  Doing it this way increases the loft, so a 3.75lb body pillow is good for smaller builds and the 5 lb is excellent for those sleepers that have wide shoulders and who may struggle with shoulder and hip pain.  The 4.5lb fits nicely in between.

Body pillows allow your body to rest comfortably and let all your muscles relax. Usually, every time you move it makes your body work overtime. This can take you out of your deeper sleep cycles.

Commonly referred to as pregnancy pillows, the versatility in being able to change your body pillow height and thickness is perfect for expecting moms that need to be able to adapt as their babies and their bodies change.

I started using a body pillow myself 10 years ago after a car accident. My hips and lower back were giving me trouble and the introduction of the body pillow to my sleep regimen provided substantial relief. I found my healing stabilized once I introduced the Body Pillow to my sleep routine.

A surprise benefit is what it did for my busy mind. There are many studies showing that hugging has many health benefits including lowering your heart rate and creating a calming effect on ones emotional state. With my body pillow I fall asleep within minutes. I cuddle it, take some deep breaths, get into my perfect sleep position and slow right down. I feel supported both physically and emotionally.

How to use a body pillow

Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow:

• Provide proper body support
• Relieve pressure on the lower back, spine and hips
• Improve shoulder, hip and spinal alignment
• Distribute weight and improve blood circulation
• Enhance muscular relaxation
• Provide additional support during pregnancy
• Can help diminish snoring by keeping you from falling onto your back
• Calming and relaxing

At Resthouse Sleep Solutions, we are proud to offer organic and natural body pillows made with Premium Eco Wool™, organic shredded latex and Alpaca. We would love to assist you in selecting a body pillow for the perfect sleep solution.

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