Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow

$299.00 $269.00

Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow

$299.00 $269.00

Resthouse Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow

Made of temperature-regulating wool and covered in an organic cotton casing, the Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow by Resthouse Sleep Solutions is a MUST for side-sleepers who struggle with finding the right support and alignment from their mattress  

Body pillows are quickly becoming the most popular fix for sore backs and achy shoulders, the ultimate back pain solution.  This one addition to your bedroom can change your sleep forever.

For side sleepers, hugging a body pillow between your legs and arms can provide excellent support and comfort and they a life-saver for pregnant women, all without the harmful chemicals.

Crafted with 100% Premium Eco Wool batting and covered with 100% organic cotton sateen this body pillow contains only the best all natural, chemical-free materials.

* Body pillow case included

Body Pillow Features:

  • Premium Eco Wool™ batting in 4 different weights
  • Organic cotton fabric cover
  • Made exclusively for Resthouse Sleep Solutions
  • Great comfort for those who enjoy full body support
  • No chemical flame retardants used
  • Wool is naturally flame retardant
  • Wool is hypoallergenic, resists mold and mildew and repels dust mites
  • Wool is the most breathable filling material on the market


  • Small Build (3.75 lbs)
  • Medium Build (4.25 lbs)
  • Large Build (5 lbs)
  • Petite or child (2.1 lbs)
  • Pillow dimensions  17” x 53”
  • Body pillow cover 18” x 53”
  • Petite pillow dimensions 14” x 44”


Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow:

  • Provide proper body support
  • Relieve pressure on the lower back, spine and hips
  • Improve shoulder, hip and spinal alignment
  • Distribute weight and improve blood circulation
  • Enhance muscular relaxation
  • Provide additional support during pregnancy
  • Can help diminish snoring (by keeping you from falling onto your back)
  • Calming and relaxing

At Resthouse Sleep Solutions, we are proud to offer North America's largest selection of organic body pillows. We would love to assist you in selecting a body pillow for the perfect sleep solution.

Call or email us or view our selection online:  http://resthouse.ca/collections/body-pillows

~ Sweet dreams ~ 

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Leah L.

Best Quality Sleep Service

*HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Excellent online shopping customer service. This place saved my back and hips! I live on the mainland but was looking for a supportive wool body pillow that wasn't drenched in chemicals so I sent Resthouse an email late at night because I couldn't sleep. They responded so quickly (6:20am the next morning!) and not only thoroughly answered my questions but also gave me helpful relevant information specific to what would best suit my needs and body size. They were compassionate and understanding about my chronic pain issues and really made the purchase decision such an easy process! I was able to confidently place an order that morning and within a few short days the body pillow arrived and was safely in my arms. It is the best body pillow I've ever owned (and I've owned many). The eco wool body pillow is so comfy and supportive that it really makes sleeping a joy despite having arthritis, tendonopathy, neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I felt doomed to suffer every night until I found this body pillow because every one I tried before either smelled like chemicals, gave me a rash or was horribly flat and uncomfortable. Never again! Thank you Resthouse Sleep Solutions for helping me find a solution and providing exceptional customer service. Chris and Laura are amazing people who care about their customers. If you want to better your health then this is really the first place you should be looking for a healthier and more comfortable night sleep even if you don't live close to their store (that's what online shopping is for! Resthouse makes the process so simple and straightforward). Thank you!!! ♡♡♡

Mary Bell

Premium eco wool body pillow

Well made quality pillow. It works but takes getting used to. Takes up space in the bed. I would not want to be without it though.

Pam a.

Luv in the

We love your shop. The staff/owners care about our sleep almost as much as we do. We bought a beautiful Talalay Latex mattress from you about 18 months ago. For me it has been amazing from the get go. For my husband, as soon as we purchased the Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow for him his sleep has never been better. Highly recommend these folks and their products!. Thank you.


Love my new body pillow!

Love my new body pillow. Makes the bed a little more crowded, but it is oh so comfortable providing much needed support for my legs and arms.


Love my new body pillow!

Love my new body pillow. Makes the bed a little more crowded, but it is oh so comfortable providing much needed support for my legs and arms.