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Irusu organic cotton weighted blanket - for people with anxiety, insomnia, autism or restless leg syndrome
Weighted Blankets - Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket by Irusu. Made in Canada.
Weighted Blanket by Irusu. Deeply therapeutic blankets for stress, anxiety and general relief. Promotes Better Sleep and a Feeling of Calm.
Irusu organic cotton weighted blanket - for people with anxiety, insomnia, autism or restless leg syndrome
Weighted Blankets - Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket by Irusu. Made in Canada.
Weighted Blanket by Irusu. Deeply therapeutic blankets for stress, anxiety and general relief. Promotes Better Sleep and a Feeling of Calm.

For Stress, Anxiety, and General Relief

The Irusu organic cotton weighted blanket is a revelation for those who live with anxiety, insomnia, or autism, or who have an interest in improving their sleep quality in general. It provides Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), which allows you to feel lightly hugged or held, decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin and melatonin levels, which can help you to settle down to sleep more easily and to feel more refreshed upon waking.


  • Nighttime movement reduction
  • Mini weighted blanket when used full-length is ideal for those suffering from RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome). When folded in half lengthwise, it can be placed around the neck and shoulders, or when folded in half width-wise, it can be placed on the lap. 
  • Made using four layers of undyed, quilted, GOTS Certified organic cotton
  • Contains food grade, BPA-free, 1/8", plastic pellets for consistent coverage from head to toe
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Canada 

    Care Instructions

    Irusu blankets are machine washable. Weighted blankets up to 15 lbs can be laundered in your home washer and dryer. For heavier blankets (20-25 lbs), we recommended you utilize an extra capacity commercial machine (such as those found in laundromats) for best results. Use warm water for washing and medium heat for drying. Spot clean by running cool water through the area of focus and draping or hanging your blanket to dry. Please do not use bleach as it will compromise the fabric. Do not dry clean as dry cleaning involves the use of chemicals and intense heat, which may compromise the organic cotton fabric.


    To choose the proper weight for your weighted blanket, calculate 10% of your body weight and round up or down by up to two pounds. If you do not see your blanket weight, contact us, and we will be happy to custom make one for you at no extra charge. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    3.5 lb 16" x 36" Mini for Multiple Uses
    4-6 lb 30" x 45" for 30 to 50 lb Body Weights
    7-11 lb 38" x 58” for 60 lb to 100 lb Body Weights
    12-17 lb 42" x 66" for 100 lb to 160 lb Body Weights
    18-25 lb 42" x 76" for 170 lb to 240 lb Body Weights

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    beautiful weighted blanket

    Excellent customer service. Weighted blanket is beautifully made and well worth it. very pleased with the blanket

    Canada Canada
    Weighted blanket

    I’m enjoying the blanket but I do wish I chose a lighter weight. I went up 3lbs from the recommended 10% of body weight so that I could get the larger size. It is just a little too heavy for me.

    Cynthia .
    Canada Canada
    Helps with anxiety and sleeping issues

    I bought this for my daughter who has anxiety and sleep issues. We noticed a difference after the first night. She loves the weighted blanket and looks forward to going to bed. We also bought her a body pillow to help her have more comfort. And no off gassing or nasty chemicals. A great investment!

    Resthouse Sleep Solutions

    Hi Cynthia, Thank you for sharing your daughter's story and experience with the weighted blanket and body pillow. Sleep is so important for our children's growth and development and we are happy to hear she is benefitting so greatly from her new sleep aids. Many happy nights of sleep ahead for her... Sweet dreams to you and your family, All of us at Resthouse

    Canada Canada
    My Body has never been so CALM for bedtime

    I stumbled into the Resthouse store a week and a half ago after a wool blanket in the window caught my eye. After spending time with Charlene and discussing my sleeping woes I left with multiple purchases over the course of two weeks. Charlene spent many minutes (about 30-45) explaining the benefits and history of the weighted blanket. I had inquired about it as I’ve heard DPS (deep pressure stimulation) can assist people with anxiety and depression by helping calm the body (which in turn calms the mind) for bedtime. I was skeptical, as it’s currently not considered “medical equipment” although most OT’s and PT’s think it is an item that could be abused if not prescribed appropriately. However, if it works for me, it’s a small price to pay and a non-pharmacological intervention to help me along through restless nights and endless thoughts. I went with the standard 10% of my body weight plus 2 for an 18 pound blanket and it’s perfect for me (I’m 5’4” and on a good day 162 lbs) The first night I used it I thought maybe it would be too hot and heavy through the night but I closed my eyes for a minute and woke up 10 hours later, which I haven’t done in almost 5 years. Then I thought, this is a fluke, and the next night I found it more comfortable to slide under for sleep, closed my eyes and slept for 8.5 hours (likely would have been longer had my alarm not gone off for work) I removed the blanket for the next two nights, tossed, turned, woke up several times and just couldn’t shake the restlessness that I had been battling prior to night one with the blanket. Thank you Charlene and the rest of the staff at Resthouse for changing my sleep for the better! I appreciate it more then you’ll ever know.

    Resthouse Sleep Solutions

    Hello There, Thank you for your review of your experience with your Organic Weighted Blanket. Your feedback on your personal experience with this blanket is important to us and also helps others greatly in understanding what can be expected when using it. Warm wishes, The Resthouse Team

    Best sleeps of my life

    I have been struggling with sleep for months now, and I was beginning to face the consequences hard. This weighted blanket has been a game changer. The gentle pressure helps me to relax, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. Not only that, but I am sleeping deeper and waking up energized. These things are magic!

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