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Organic Kapok Body Pillow


Savvy Rest

Organic Kapok Body Pillow


The Body Pillow that feels like down, but comes from a tree

For side sleepers that always seem to end up on their tummies, a body pillow helps limit the twisting of your spine and the torquing of your hips.  Limits tossing and turning, giving you ability to sleep deeper and without disturbing your partner as often.

Filled with fluffy, certified organic kapok, this body pillow offers luxurious softness with a down-like feel. Kapok is a buoyant natural fiber (from seed pods) that is often used as an alternative to down. 

The customizable body pillows are created with 3 organic cotton cases to protect the organic ingredients and give a deeper level to an amazing feel. The cases improve the feel and give the body pillow a supportive barrier to the overall feel of the body pillow, while keeping it breathable as it is 100% organic cotton (GOTS Certified).           

All Customizable Organic Body Pillows come with:

  • Sateen organic cotton body pillow case
  • Organic flannel case (second layer)
  • The Organic Kapok Body Pillow comes in 2 sizes.  A small one (14"x44") and the regular version (17"x52"). 

Care Instructions

How to Customize Your Body Pillow

  • Hold pillow carefully over a bag to avoid spilling loose fill.
  • Open inner casing’s corner zipper, and remove handfuls of fill and put it in your bag for later.
  • Re-zip casings and add on the body pillow case.
  • Put the body pillow down on your mattress and rework the pillow as to redistribute the organic fill. 


Hand-wash removable outer cover in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry.


Limited 3-year warranty protects against defective workmanship. 

Resthouse Sleep Solutions is proud to have North America's largest selection of customizable organic body pillows.  We believe that the answer to a good night’s sleep is having the proper alignment. Side sleepers can rejoice, there is an answer to all that shoulder, hip and lower back pain.

~ Sweet Dreams ~

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Pillow purchase

I had a great store experience! Very helpful salesperson but in a very low pressure way. I love my pillow but must admit I’m a bit intimidated by the size; it definitely takes some getting used to. I hope to buy a wool quilt next!

Stella L.

Body Pillows for Kids

Fabulous experience as always. I purchased a body pillow for my grandson and got a pillow out of it as well. I believe the body pillow is his sleep cuddle buddy!

Norm J.

Body pillow

Since purchasing the body pillows, our back pain has disappeared and we are sleeping through the night. An excellent product!!

Kate B.

Love my new body pillow!

My massage therapist recommended I check out your store for a body pillow. The salesperson was wonderful. She helped to sort out my needs and I left with a pillow for my body and one for my head. It has only been a couple weeks but I am feeling better rested and aches and pains are dissipating. So all in all I am recommending the Resthouse to find one's sleep solutions.

Jean S.

Didn't work for me, much to my disappointment

Wonderful assistance and advice at the store. I made this purchase while awaiting total hip replacement of my right hip and was using a walker at the time. The pillow is much too long and cumbersome and I shudder to think I spent over $200 on a product that has been packed away and will not be used. I was hopeful, once my surgery took place, I would be able to make use of the pillow, but it was an even greater disappointment. After hip replacement surgery one is not allowed to bend forward to pull up bedclothes or, in fact, bend forward at all for several months. The length of the pillow prohibited me even putting it in place never mind placing it between my knees. As a 79 year old woman with severe arthritis - and awaiting surgery on my left hip - a shorter pillow would definitely have worked for me. However, only the long one was for sale. An oversight on the part of the store in my opinion, given that persons purchasing your products come in all shapes, sizes and needs. One size definitely does not fit all in this situation.