TFS Honest Sleep

Natural Latex Calm Nest Mattress


TFS Honest Sleep

Natural Latex Calm Nest Mattress


Natural materials for a supportive sleep.

The Natural Latex Calm Nest Mattress by TFS Honest Sleep is rated Medium/Firm depending on a customers weight.

This premium mattress features a core of 4" 733 micro coil in a pocket coil topped with 2 inches of chemical-free dunlop latex.  This provides both support and comfort. The core is then wrapped in luxurious layers of organic cotton and chemical-free virgin wool.

There are no petroleum-based chemicals, which makes this one of the most pure and naturally non-toxic mattresses on the market today.

Mattress Ingredients:

  • 2" of Chemical-Free Dunlop Latex
  • 42-60 lbs of USDA Certified Organic Cotton (depending on mattress size)
  • 8-16 lbs of Chemical-Free Virgin Wool (depending on size.)
  • Available with an Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill

The Natural Latex Calm Nest Mattress has three unique features that work together to give excellent support and comfort. The mattress features a 2" layer of natural dunlop latex placed on top of a layer of 733 4” micro coils. Both the latex and the micro coils are surrounded with 14-32 lbs. of chemical-free virgin wool. The mattress comes encased in a ticking made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric.

The Natural Calm Nest Natural Latex Mattress provides the perfect balance of plushness and support that are ideal for side and back sleepers. The micro coils allow for conforming comfort, while the latex core provides supportive comfort. The added wool layer dissipates heat and moisture allowing you to sleep deeper for longer periods of time. All of these elements amount to an unparalleled sleep experience. Get the extra support you need with the Natural Calm Nest Latex Mattress.

Calm Nest Mattress Features:

  • Contains chemical-free virgin wool that is naturally moisture repellant, temperature regulating for every season, offers added support, harvested from humanely raised sheep, and acts as a natural fire barrier.
  • Contains natural Dunlop in a medium density, does not off-gas, offers pressure relief, has anti-microbial and dust mite-resistant properties and is very durable.
  • Contains a supportive layer of innersprings that are individually pocketed, are made from double tempered steel, build resistance as weight is applied and are made entirely from recycled materials.

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