Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow

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Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow
Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow
Eco Wool Body Pillows at Resthouse Sleep Solutions
Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow
Kakun Body Pillow made with eco wool
Organic Body Pillows from Resthouse Sleep Solutions
Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow
Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow
Eco Wool Body Pillows at Resthouse Sleep Solutions
Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow
Kakun Body Pillow made with eco wool
Organic Body Pillows from Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Kakun Premium Eco Wool™ Body Pillow

The Kakun Body Pillow is the embrace you need to sleep your best each and every night. Made from high-quality, Premium Eco Wool™ surrounded by organic sateen cotton, it is designed to provide support for your upper arm, hip, and leg throughout the night, preventing your spine from twisting when deep sleep takes over. Sleeping with a Kakun body pillow improves blood circulation, regulates your temperature, provides emotional comfort, and allows you to get the restorative slumber you need.

The Kakun body pillow is a long-term solution for many common sleep difficulties experienced by side sleepers. Sleep issues may result from chronic pain, injury, restlessness, discomfort, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, autism spectrum disorders and more. The Kakun body pillow alleviates these issues by ensuring proper body alignment, giving you the deep relaxation and quality-sleep time you need to heal and arise feeling rested each morning.

Even those who feel they sleep well can enjoy the benefits of sleeping with a body pillow, such as speedier recovery from athletic exertion, emotional support for children, and your partner will most definitely appreciate less snoring.


  • Premium Eco Wool™ batting in 7 different weights
  • Organic cotton fabric cover
  • Organic sateen cotton pillowcase included
  • Great comfort for those looking for full-body support
  • No chemical flame retardants used
  • Wool is naturally flame retardant
  • Wool is hypoallergenic, resists mold and mildew and repels dust mites
  • Wool is the most breathable filling material on the market
  • Wool keeps your temperature regulated throughout the seasons

Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow

  • Provides proper body support
  • Relieves pressure on the lower back, spine and hips
  • Improves shoulder, hip and spinal alignment
  • Distributes weight and improves blood circulation
  • Enhances muscular relaxation
  • Provides additional support during pregnancy
  • Can help diminish snoring (by keeping you from falling onto your back)
  • Calming and relaxing


2.75 lb (XSmall) 14" x 44"
3.5 lb (Small) 17" x 52"
4 lb (Medium) 17" x 52"
4.5 (Large) 17" x 52"
5 lb (XLarge) 17” x 52”
5.5 lb (Tall) 18" x 65"
6.5 lb (XTall) 18" x 65"
7.5 lb (XXTall) 18" x 65"

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Canada Canada
Body pillow

I find this pillow too big/ long for my 5ft frame. Difficulty turning over and not loosing the pillow. Currently I'm not using it but may try again when I have my new bed that is on order with Resthouse.

June I.
Canada Canada
Body pillow

The product has been exceptional!!! The salesperson was knowledgeable and very helpful in us making this purchase! I would highly recommend this product for anyone with lower back issues!!

Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Hello June, Thank you for sharing with us. We are so happy to hear that your new Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body pillow has been so exceptional for you. This makes us so happy and we very much appreciate your support. Wishing you many years of pain free nights ahead. Sweet dreams, The Resthouse Family

Megan H.
Canada Canada

We love this pillow- the tall size fits perfectly across the top of a queen mattress, so this one lives at the top of the wood headboard now, and I love how comfy it is to sit up in bed now.

Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Hello Megan, We love how the Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillows can be used in so many ways, and we agree that having one to rest at the top of your bed a great idea. Thank you for your support and sweet dreams to you. Sincerely, The Resthouse Family

Bonnie B.
Canada Canada
body pillow


Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Hello Bonnie, We are thrilled to hear from you and are so happy you found us. The Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow truly is incredible and we are so happy that your wait is over. We can't wait for the years of rest to come for you, and hope that your sister gets hers as well. Thank you for the support, and sweet dreams to you both. Warmly, The Resthouse Family

Colette a.
Canada Canada

Our experience at Resthouse was amazing. Chris was very knowledgable and welcoming. We didn’t really intend on buying a bed that day, but had heard great things about the Resthouse and the benefits of latex mattresses so decided to take a look. After an incredible job demonstrating how comfortable the bed is, the health benefits of a latex bed and a really comfortable “lay down” we were convinced this was the bed for us. After observing the way we sleep, Chris recommended a body pillow to help align my spine at night. I have no regrets at all. The pillow is comfortable and cool. I highly recommend.

Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Hello Colette and Farid, We love hearing our lovely customers share that they have no regrets. We truly love the Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow so much and are thrilled that you are reaping the benefits. Your support is so appreciated and we wish you many years of rest and comfort. Sweet dreams, The Resthouse Family

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