Dual Comfort Premium Eco Wool™ Comforter

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Dual Comfort Eco-Wool Comforter by Holy Lamb Organics
The Dual-Weight Comforter is available in three temperature choices
Each Holy Lamb Organics comforter is hand-made using organic sateen cotton fabric.
Dual Comfort Eco-Wool Comforter by Holy Lamb Organics
The Dual-Weight Comforter is available in three temperature choices
Each Holy Lamb Organics comforter is hand-made using organic sateen cotton fabric.

Dual-Weight Wool Comforters

Do you have a partner who runs at your exact opposite temperature, no matter what season it is? Introducing the dual comforter, one comforter, two warmths.

Holy Lamb Organics dual-weight wool comforter is designed specifically for partners who have different body temperatures. Does your sleeping partner always kick off the covers while you pull them up closer? This is a custom comforter tailored to each person's specific warmth requirements. Each side will be a different temperature weight.

Opposites Attract

Separate beds and separate blankets don’t have to be the answer if one individual runs hot and the other runs cold. Dual-weight means the right coverage for each person, every night.

Dual-weight comforters come in three 3 combinations for you to choose from. Everyone is happy and able to get a good night’s sleep!

Pick the temperature weight that works for you and a different weight for your partner.

The Dual-Weight Comforter is available in three temperature choices:

Combination 1: Ideal when one person tends to be cold and the other tends to be hot. This option is 1/2 “Extra Warmth” & 1/2 “Cool Comfort”

Combination 2: Ideal when one person tends to sleep at a normal temperature and the other tends to sleep hot. This option is 1/2 “Perfect Comfort” & 1/2 “Cool Comfort”

Combination 3: Ideal when one person is tends to sleep at a normal temperature and the other tends to be cold. This option 1/2 “Perfect Comfort” & 1/2 “Extra Warmth”

High quality materials, adherence to organic standards and hand craftsmanship make this an excellent choice in a comforter. Each Holy Lamb Organics comforter is hand-made using organic sateen cotton fabric. Hand stitching the perimeter and tufting the entire comforter keeps the wool in place and allows for washing.

The inside of the comforter is filled with Premium Eco Wool™, which is sourced from Holy Lamb Organics' Sustainable Wool Program, only using wool that is sustainably harvested on the west coast of the U.S.A.  Resilient, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, and best of all, thermal regulating, wool is the perfect material for comforters.

The breathable natural materials help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Free of synthetics and chemicals, the premium wool is free of dust, chemicals and is extremely clean.


  • Made of Premium Eco Wool™ Batting
  • Sourced locally from the West Coast, USA
  • Run in a dedicated wool-only facility
  • Controls temperature and eliminates moisture build up
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and flame retardant
  • Ideal for year round comfort

    Care Instructions

    • We highly recommend placing your comforter inside a duvet cover to protect it from everyday wear.
    • It is recommended that you use the natural cleansing properties of the sun to refresh your bedding. Air the comforter in the sun a few times a year to disinfect and deodorize the material. This will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.
    • Before making up the bed each morning, open up the bedding for a few hours to allow any extra moisture to evaporate.

    Washing Instructions:

    • It is not necessary to wash the comforter before using since it is chemical and scent free. The comforters can be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which are included with your purchase. 
    • We do not recommend dry cleaning unless it is taken to a certified "green" dry cleaner. Regular dry cleaners use chemicals to clean, defeating the purpose of having a natural bedding product.
    • For spills: Gently spot clean the affected area by running or blotting cold water through the fibers. Squeeze gently to disperse excess water.

    View Caring for your Wool Comforter by Holy Lamb Organics on Vimeo.

    Comforters by Holy Lamb Organics

    Resthouse Sleep Solutions offers 4 different choices of comforters by Holy Lamb Organics:

    To choose the proper temperature weight in a comforter, consider the following:

    What is your typical body temperature?

    Do you find yourself to be generally cold or mostly hot?

    Do you tend to get cold at night or overheat?

    If you sleep with another person you will generate more heat than you would by yourself.

    Assess the bedding you already have at home. Do you want to rely on your comforter by itself to keep you warm or will you be using it in combination with other blankets?

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    ~ Sweet dreams ~


    Twin 68” x 86”
    Full/Queen 86” x 86”
    King 100” x 86”

    About Resthouse Sleep Solutions

    At Resthouse, we value sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle. We offer customized sleep solutions for individuals and couples looking for a better night's rest. We house a full range of organic and natural mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, bedding, body pillows, as well as hand-crafted western maple furniture and platform beds. It's time for the sleep you've been dreaming of.

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    Should Just Be Called “Cloud 9 for Couples”

    I stumbled into the Resthouse store a week and a half ago after a wool blanket in the window caught my eye. After spending time with Charlene and discussing my sleeping woes I left with multiple purchases over the course of two weeks. He sleeps hot and I sleep cold, I usually steal the blankets while we sleep and am always in a tussled mess in the morning. Lately I’ve been cranking up our electric heat which means he takes blankets off the bed, and I am still stuck freezing all night. I went back into the store today to literally feel some sheets, convinced I wanted a Percale set. I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris (one of the owners) he was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about the products. He asked me questions I hadn’t asked myself but were very important in finding the right fit for our bedroom. Chris was like a wizard when he went back to his storeroom and was able to suggest this comforter for our needs. It happened to be the perfect solution! It is a 1/2 cool and 1/2 warmer king sized dual comforter that is the best compromise for me and my spouse! (As in, there is no compromise at all!!) we can both snuggle up under the same duvet and be comfortable all night long! This Cloud 9 for Couples king-sized comforter is generously sized, with a natural cotton outer that is handmade and stitched in Canada with a 100% natural wool inside for warmth. Wool is anti-everything! Antimicrobial, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant and eliminates weird smells! No more musty gross down filled anything or cheap poly-filled warehouse comforters at our house! Do you and your spouse and your children a favor, buy it, enjoy the cloud and thank Resthouse later for changing your bedroom to the sanctuary it should be!

    Resthouse Sleep Solutions

    Hello There, Thank you very much for sharing your detailed review of your Dual Weight Premium Eco Wool™ Comforter by Holy Lamb Organics as well as your experiences with both Chris and Charlene. It is great to hear both you and your partner are now having your temperature needs met and have experienced improvements in your qualities of sleep. This is the kind of feedback we cherish, and we're grateful you took the time with us. We wish you both many more Cloud 9-quality sleeps and many years of enjoyment with your organic & natural Premium Eco Wool™ comforter. Warmest wishes and all the best, The Resthouse Team

    Keith E.

    Wool Comforter

    Experience at store was great and we love the comforter.

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