Holy Lamb Organics

Extra Warm Eco-Wool Comforter

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Holy Lamb Organics

Extra Warm Eco-Wool Comforter

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On Sale

$629.00 $534.65

Warmth & Comfort

Improve your quality of sleep by adding a beautifully crafted, eco-wool comforter to your bed. The Extra Warm Eco-Wool Comforter by Holy Lamb Organics is designed for people living in cold climates or for those of you who happen to have a body-type that runs cooler.  With the Extra Warm Eco-Wool Comforter you won’t need additional layers of blankets to stay warm and comfortable during the night. Snuggle up with this organic cotton and natural wool comforter for a dreamy sleep.

High quality materials, adherence to organic standards and hand craftsmanship make this an excellent choice in a comforter. Each Holy Lamb Organics comforter is hand-made using organic sateen cotton fabric. Hand stitching the perimeter and tufting the entire comforter keeps the wool in place and allows for washing.

The inside of the comforter is filled with Premium Eco-Wool™, which is sourced from Holy Lamb Organics' Sustainable Wool Program, only using wool that is sustainably harvested on the west coast of the U.S.A.  Resilient, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, and best of all, thermal regulating, wool is the perfect material for comforters.

The breathable natural materials help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Free of synthetics and chemicals, the premium wool is free of dust, chemicals and is extremely clean.


  • Made of Premium Eco-Wool™ Batting
  • Sourced locally from the West Coast, USA
  • Run in a dedicated wool-only facility
  • Controls temperature and eliminates moisture build up
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and flame retardant
  • Ideal for year round comfort

    Care Instructions

    • We highly recommend placing your comforter inside a duvet cover to protect it from everyday wear.
    • It is recommended that you use the natural cleansing properties of the sun to refresh your bedding. Air the comforter in the sun a few times a year to disinfect and deodorize the material. This will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.
    • Before making up the bed each morning, open up the bedding for a few hours to allow any extra moisture to evaporate.

    Washing Instructions:

    • It is not necessary to wash the comforter before using since it is chemical and scent free. The comforters can be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which are included with your purchase. 
    • We do not recommend dry cleaning unless it is taken to a certified "green" dry cleaner. Regular dry cleaners use chemicals to clean, defeating the purpose of having a natural bedding product.
    • For spills: Gently spot clean the affected area by running or blotting cold water through the fibres. Squeeze gently to disperse excess water.

    Comforters by Holy Lamb Organics

    Resthouse Sleep Solutions offers 4 different choices of comforters by Holy Lamb Organics:

    To choose the proper temperature weight in a comforter, consider the following:

    What is your typical body temperature?

    Do you find yourself to be generally cold or mostly hot?

    Do you tend to get cold at night or overheat?

    If you sleep with another person you will generate more heat than you would by yourself.

    Assess the bedding you already have at home. Do you want to rely on your comforter by itself to keep you warm or will you be using it in combination with other blankets?

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    ~ Sweet dreams ~


    Twin 68” x 86”
    Full/Queen 86” x 86”
    King 100” x 86”

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    The Sweetness of the Lambs

    The service at Resthouse is superb - attentive and caring and family-friendly! And if one hasn't yet cuddled up in the warmth and perfect weight of lambswool, the marvellous feeling of comfort is hard to convey ... like a powerful and protective hand blessing my sleep each and every night! In gratitude, MJW