Organic Cotton Canvas Body Pillow Case

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Organic Cotton Canvas Body Pillow Case by Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Organic Cotton Body Pillow Covers

Made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, these body pillow covers are soft, breathable and made without the use of chemical ingredients. They offer perfect protection for your new or existing body pillow. This is your first line of defence to keep it clean and dry. All of our body pillows come with a body pillow cover.


Our Organic Cotton Canvas Body Pillow Case are available in two weights, light and heavy. The Light cover provides a soft, forgiving casing, adding some extra cuddle factor. The Heavy cover delivers a firmer feel, allowing you to add additional volume and support. 

Please note that the Heavy cover is only available in Regular size. 

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Care Instructions

Cold water wash. Hang to dry. Alternatively, tumble dry with low or no heat.


Regular: 19” x 53”

About Resthouse Sleep Solutions

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