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Alpaca / Wool Comforter by Crescent Moon - Organic Comforters

A Comforter Made With Alpaca and Wool Fiber

Support your sleep with a comforter made from natural alpaca and wool fiber. Each Alpaca / Wool Comforter is tufted with Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co.'s signature crescent moons to secure the fiber evenly in place for all over comfort. The 260 Thread Count outer organic cotton fabric is completely dust mite proof and will prevent other allergens and impurities from entering into the inner components.

The Light Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter is great for those who sleep hot or who prefer to sleep in a cooler sleep environment. It offers .5 oz of alpaca / wool fiber per square foot, creating a lightweight yet comfortable layer to your bedding ensemble. It's also ideal for summertime use.

The Regular Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter is light to medium weight and offers slightly more warmth than its all-wool counterparts. Cozier and warmer than the Light Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter, it serves as a great option for those looking more insulation and comfort. Contains 1 oz per square foot of alpaca / wool blended fiber.


  • Composed of a blend of 70% alpaca fiber and 30% wool
  • Sleek feel and high quality workmanship
  • Inside fibers and outer fabric are naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens
  • Outer fabric is GOTS and SKAL certified
  • Pore size of 4.5 microns in both outer fabric and outer casing prevent dust mites or other allergens from entering the inner alpaca / wool fiber
  • Made in Cherryville, British Columbia, Canada
  • Crib size also available

Care Instructions

To protect your alpaca / wool comforter, Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co. recommends the use of a cover at all times. Alpaca wool loves fresh air and sunshine and will re-loft when left outside for the day. With care, this comforter is machine washable. Carefully follow the directions below to ensure the security of your product.

Front Load Washer (recommended): Choose the “ultra hand wash” or “wool wash” cycle of your washer, then choose “light”. Use only cold water and a mild natural soap. When your machine has stopped you can run it again on a spin cycle to make sure most of the water is spun out. Then hang your product to dry.

Top Load Washer (extra large tub): Fill your machine with cool water and cleaner. Add the comforter, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes and then plunge it up and down by hand to clean it. Turn the dial to spin and spin the water out. Allow the machine to fill again for the rinse but stay with the machine so you can stop it before it begins to agitate. Plunge up and down again and then turn your dial to spin. Hang your item to dry. Do not put in a dryer.

Dry Cleaning: Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co. does not recommend dry cleaning - the dryers tend to be too hot for the fiber.


Light Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter

Twin 1.5 lbs
Queen 2 lbs
King 2.5 lbs

Regular Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter

Twin 3 lbs
Queen 3.5 lbs
King 4.5 lbs


Twin 68” x 86"
Queen 86” x 90"
King 102” x 90”

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Canada Canada
Alpaca/wool duvet

The service was excellent, we received a call back from Chris to clarify the order as it was taking place during the Black Friday week. Very pleased with the product, an alpaca/wool duvet.

Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Hi there, Thank you so kindly for sharing your review of your experience with us and the Light Weight Alpaca / Wool Comforter. It brings us such joy to hear that you're happy with it. We wish you many restful nights of sleep for years to come all cozied up in it. Sweet dreams to you, All of us at Resthouse

Franca .
A bundle of luxury!

I've been using wool comforters for over a decade and owned a few; this one is by far the best. It's very well made with quality, organic materials, it's light, fairly thin and it keeps me warm in any type of weather. Unlike other wool comforters, it does not create pockets of air, which can make mini cold drafts. Instead, it falls nicely around the shape of your body keeping you toasty even when you toss and turn. It's amazing! Exactly what I needed and definitely worth the price.

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