Why an Organic Bedroom?

Certified Organic Fair Trade Mattresses and Bedding Products - British Columbia

What we breathe and touch can affect us just as much as what we eat. We believe the bedroom should be a haven, free from harmful synthetic chemicals and pesticide residues. A place of sanctuary, comfort and support.

Not only are organic mattresses and bedding safer and healthier, they are also the most luxurious and durable. Did you know they are also adaptable? From the pillows to the mattress to the duvet, everything at Resthouse is customizable to suit your body’s needs and preferences. We fit you with the perfect sleep system so you get the proper support you need at night. Our goal is that you awaken from your sleep feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Our mattresses and bedding are made from only the finest organic, fair trade, biodegradable materials. All fully certified by the industry’s highest regulating organizations. Choosing organic means you can rest easy, knowing that while you are supporting your own health, you are also making a positive decision for the environment.