What's in your mattress?

Vancouver Island Sleep Products Organic Mattress Store Duncan B.C.

At Resthouse Sleep Solutions, we think it's important to know what you're sleeping on, and have the best information to make an informed decision. We suggest asking these three, often overlooked questions, before making your mattress purchase.

1. Are the ingredients that make up this mattress good for my health?

Petrochemicals make up a large percentage of many mattress recipes and as these chemical fumes release into the air throughout its life cycle, we are breathing them in while sleeping.

2.What percentage of this mattress is Natural?

Many mattresses claim to be natural or organic, but still have a large percentage of chemical ingredients. Know the percentages before you decide.

3. Is this mattress biodegradable?

Over 20 million mattresses enter landfills every year in North America and just sit there. Finding a natural mattress that is completely biodegradable is now an option. At Resthouse we made the commitment to only carry completely biodegradable bedding products.