What is Customization?

"A mattress made for two shouldn’t be designed for one". This is one of our favourite phrases, coined by the team from Obasan, who have been designing natural customizable mattresses for 30 years in Canada. By using the term customization, we simply mean a mattress can be tailor fit to each person sleeping on one bed. Both sides are configured separately to each individual’s needs and preferences. These mattresses can also be adapted over time if the need ever arises. No more compromising with your precious sleep.

Obasan has also taken customization to a new level in bed design. Not only can they offer adjustments on each side, their mattresses now have the ability to offer the sleeper different firmnesses specifically focusing on body weight distribution, from head to toe. This narrows in on support for your shoulders and hips. You can tweak your “zones” easily and as frequently as you wish. 

Customization at Resthouse is also available for other bedding products. Many of our head pillows can have their inner filling removed or added back in, to keep them at just the right height, so your head rests perfectly. Having access to your pillow’s fiber means you can also manage it’s consistency and feel. Universally, most pillows flatten over time, so having the ability to play with your extra filling affords you a pillow that keeps on performing as it should, as plump and comfy as the day you bought it.

Another product that can be customized at Resthouse is our dual weight wool comforter, made by Holy Lamb Organics. It offers different wool weights on each side of the same comforter. This means a colder person can have a heavier weight on their side, while the person who sleeps hot can sleep with a lighter weight. Customizations such as these can go a long way towards couples sleeping well, while sharing the same bed together.

The age of customization is here to stay. The concept is catching on. Innovations such as these completely take the guesswork out of picking your ideal sleep system. It’s almost like getting a prescription filled. With adaptable mattresses and bedding, we have the ability to be extremely accurate. These benefits are also available for the entire lifespan of your product. Visit our showroom to explore and learn more about the added benefits of tailor making your natural sleep system.