Our Partners

Resthouse Sleep Solutions has partnered with some of the globe's most progressive companies. Each company shares our views on using organic materials, lowering our ecological footprint, and providing fair-trade for all of those involved. We are very proud to present these brands and tell you a little bit about each one.

Obasan is our foremost supplier of mattresses, pillows, comforters, and bedding. Each of their products is hand-made in their Ottawa, Ontario factory by expert craftspeople. In their products you will find carefully sourced organic components such as organic wool from Argentina, organic cotton from Peru and organic Dunlop latex from Sri Lanka. With customization at the heart of what Obasan does, their mattresses and bedding are made tend to the sleep and support needs of each individual, from head-to-toe and side-to-side. 


Holy Lamb Organics - natural bedding products - available at Resthouse Sleep Solutions, Vancouver Island, Canada

Holy Lamb Organics is a small manufacturing company devoted to hand-made natural bedding products. Based in a small town near Olympia, WA, Holy Lamb Organics has been in business for 14 years. They pride themselves on their use of local premium Eco-Wool™ and organic cotton fabrics (don’t worry, they don’t waste any of it!). They apply their zero-waste policy in all areas of their business and are constantly finding new ways to lower their ecological footprint with every step they take.

Coyuchi is a supplier of organic bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers and more. In keeping with their philosophy of bringing Nature home, Coyuchi produces only natural and organic products made from cotton, linen and wool to create a bedding environment that is breathable, natural and appealing to the senses. They also supply bath linens and robes that are made to enrich and support your daily routines of both winding-down and waking-up. Coyuchi is located in San Francisco, California.

Savvy Rest - Natural Mattresses - available at Resthouse Sleep Solutions

Savvy Rest is one of the top natural mattress companies in North America. They produce organic mattresses using natural materials such as: natural latex rubber, certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. Located in central Virginia, Savvy Rest aims to provide its customers with chemical-free mattresses that are comfortable, versatile, and reliable. Their mattresses—and many of their pillows, too!—are customizable, so they can adapt to your needs.

Alternative Woodworks - hand-crafted furniture including bed frames - available at Resthouse Sleep Solutions, Duncan, BC, Canada

Alternative Woodworks produces artisanal furniture and sculpture made from the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, at the West Coast of Canada. Developed by David Martinello in 2005, Alternative Woodworks celebrates the natural beauty found in lumber.

Creating with impressions gathered by harvesting trees, milling logs, combining with craftsmanship Alternative Woodworks strives to discover an intrinsic belonging of wood through form.

All lumber for Alternative Woodworks is sourced locally and certified sustainable with each piece finished with a custom burn stamp and a hand polished Eco-friendly water based lacquer.

“From the ground to the showroom- figure worked by character- wooden functions found.”

 Additional Partners:

TFS Honest Sleep is a partner and supplier of our affordable natural and organic mattresses, toppers, body pillows and more. They make their bed products with some of the best quality organic, natural and healthy ingredients, including natural/organic wool, organic cotton, natural/organic Dunlop latex and thick gauge recycled steel pocket coils. They hand-craft every one of their products in their San Francisco, California workshop. Their founder and CEO, Suzanne Diamond, started TFS Honest Sleep in association with her larger company, The Futon Shop, after working to create eco-friendly, toxin-free products for customers' homes since 1976.