Our Vision

In this busy world, our goal is very simple: we want to make ourselves available to help as many people as we can rest, relax and sleep better. We believe in the KISS motto. Keeping it simple. A high percentage of the main stream media has bombarded us with the latest sleep craze or medication to help you with your sleep stress.  Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself and the process begins with being able to sleep and take care of ourselves. It could be as simple as too much light in a room, but that's sometimes all it takes. 

Resthouse has a wide selection of quality products that change with you. We're here to spread the word of organic, sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

But perhaps most of all, we believe in having fun.  Leading with our hearts is the best way to take care of ourselves and others— It works.

One better night's sleep at a time.