Have a question? Here are some answers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

We will accept return items that are in their original packaging and unused for 60 days. Because bedding is considered a personal item and for health reasons, we do not refund used bedding products. See link here for full details of our mattress layer exchange policy for our customizable mattresses.

The expected lifetime of our mattresses is 10 or 20 years, depending on the brand. Maintenance and choosing proper support are key factors in keeping with the lifespan of your mattress. See warranty link for details.

Yes, all of our brands have very good warranties, from 5 to 20 years. We stand by our mattresses, which are designed to last. In addition to our comprehensive warranties, most of our mattresses are open concept, which means you can unzip them to turn and rotate your layers for best maintenance practises. These customizable mattress systems also allow you to replace individual components whenever you so choose over time.

One of the greatest assets of our layered latex mattresses are that the individual components can be flipped and rotated. We recommend that you flip the top and middle layers every 6 months. If the top layer is soft latex we recommend this process be done seasonally. This will ensure the expected lifespan of your mattress. 

Please reach out to our customer service department at 1-844-855-7378.

Some settling is normal and does not change the support and integrity of the mattress. Contact us if your mattress dips more than 1.5 inches.

No you do not.  Proof of purchase with receipt is all you need. We keep your orders in our system and your receipt acts as your warranty.

Yes you do. Our delivery team will provide you with information to get this done.

There is no harmful or toxic off-gassing with our natural and certified organic mattresses. Rubber latex has a natural scent (some liken it to vanilla) that fades within a couple of weeks. Most of our customers notice nothing at all. All mattresses can be slept on after opening. There is no need to air out the mattress first.

Never wash your mattress casing. All of our casings contain wool batting and will shrink if washed. We recommend protecting your investment with a washable mattress protector.

Rubber latex does not make you hot. It is temperature neutral. We have found over the years that natural latex gets compared to memory foam. Memory foam will make you hot (regardless of whether “new technology” is added or not), as it reacts to the heat of your body in order to work as advertised. The trouble is that with synthetic materials, the heat gets trapped against your body and causes you to overheat. Also, the mattress support can be inconsistent depending on the season (colder and warmer temperatures affect memory foam differently). Latex rubber does not phase change; it contours to your body, while offering a resilient density to give you even and continuous support.

All our mattresses are rolled and then packed into 1 to 4 boxes. This makes it easy to get even a King size around tricky corners and up and down narrow staircases.

Our mattress depths range from 5 inches all the way up to 12 inches. This offers you significantly more options for depth of support. Please refer to each model for detailed sizing information.

The best way is to contact us via Live Chat or by phone toll free at 1-844-855-REST (7378). Our sales team is experienced and we have a very high success rate of “fitting” people from afar. With a few qualifying questions to you regarding your body size, shape and needs, we evaluate which mattress and density is best suited to you. We have sleep solutions to fit children and adults, everything from a petite stature up to a very tall or larger person. Within this consultation, along with our customization guarantee (where you have up to 90 days to do a comfort layer exchange*), we can ensure you are satisfied with your mattress density. 

*Applies to customizable mattress options only

Our mattresses are made of layers of rubber latex, which can and should be flipped and rotated in order to maximize the lifespan of your bed, with overall even wear. The natural and organic futons we carry can also be flipped and rotated, a feature which offers the same maintenance benefits as with our latex options.

David Martinello, from Alternative Woodworks has 2 sources: western maple that he has milled and dried from locally sourced lumber, and FSC certified lumber for some of his side rails and slat systems.

Our fitted sheets range from 15 inch depth up to 17inches. We can special order sheets as deep as 21 inches. See the dimensions section found with each product, for more details.

We recommend washing sheets in cold water with an earth friendly detergent to extend the life of your organic linens. Air drying is most preferred but if you need to machine dry then do so at a low temperature. 

Sateen cotton sheets are soft, and drape and contour your body. People who like an organic cotton satiny feel, can rest assured that no chemicals are used in any of the growing or manufacturing process.

Flannel cotton sheets are also very soft to the touch, and keep you nice and warm in the cooler months. Flannel is brushed cotton, and we offer it in several thicknesses.

All of our cottons, wools and rubber latex are carefully curated to be “clean and green” and are considered to be hypoallergenic. It is rare for people to be allergic to the 3 main ingredients our products are made from. Eco friendly wool and rubber latex are considered to be dust mite resistant, which is ideal for those suffering with asthma and dust allergies.

Some of the wool products we carry can be machine washed, and there are some that cannot. Most washable wool is chemically treated, which we move completely away from. Felted wool (such as our wool moisture barrier) can be cold water washed and line dried. Spot cleaning is applicable to all of our wool products. Placing wool items in the sun is also a good way to naturally refresh the wool, as the sun’s heat helps to expand the fibers. Please view Product Care page to learn more.

Placing wool bedding to refresh in the sun on a hot summer day is known as “sunning”. The ability of the sun to bleach and sanitize is an often overlooked practice. Read our blog to learn more about this wonderful natural cleaning option.

All the mattresses with wool have a thick organic cotton casing surrounding the fibre, which keeps you from coming into direct contact with the wool. We have a 100% success rate with regards to customers concerned about wool sensitivities.

Pillow fills will compress with use, between 3 to 20%. Learn to revive your pilllow’s inner fibres and how to care for it to make it last.

Mattress lead times will depend on the mattresses supplier. The usual lead time is 4-5 weeks unless otherwise communicated by Resthouse. * Due to Covid-19, mattress lead times may extend to 7-8 weeks.

Lead time on bedding and pillows (not in stock) are 2- 5 weeks depending on supplier. We will connect with you within 72 hours of your order being processed with more accurate lead times.

Please note that we do our best to stock most items and are ordering regularly to reduce lead times where we can.