All-Talalay Event, August 1st to 31st, 2017

All-Talalay Event On Now at Resthouse in Duncan BC

Our All-Talalay Event is on now. During the month of August, receive up to $1100 off with your purchase of an all-Talalay Serenity, Unity or Tranquility natural latex mattress.

This is our premier Talalay latex promotion from our suppliers at Savvy Rest. If you've been thinking about buying a mattress and love the comfort and luxury of natural bedding, now is the time. 

The Unity

The Unity is a 13" mattress comprised of 4 layers of 3" natural latex. The separate top layer adds an extra layer of comfort and cushioning, topping the overall luxurious feel of this natural sleep system. Encased in quilted organic cotton with wool batting, this mattress is the ultimate in natural comfort.

The Serenity

The Serenity is a 10" mattress comprised of 3 layers of 3" latex. Its organic cotton casing contains a layer of wool batting quilted within, ideal for temperature regulation and clean, natural comfort. The Serenity is our most popular natural latex mattress.

The Tranquility

The Tranquility is a 7" mattress comprised of 2 layers of natural latex. The 2-layered design serves as an excellent starting place for a more elaborate sleep system. Add a wool or latex topper for extra comfort and support. Like our Unity and Serenity mattresses, the Tranquility has an organic quilted casing which contains a layer of natural wool batting.

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Unity Natural Latex Mattress from Savvy Rest The Serenity Natural Latex Mattress from Savvy Rest The Tranquility Natural Latex Mattress from Savvy Rest