Alpaca / Wool Kids' / Travel Pillow

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Alpaca / Wool Kids Pillow / Travel Pillow by Crescent Moon - Made in Canada
Alpaca / Wool Kids' / Travel Pillow
Alpaca / Wool Kids Pillow / Travel Pillow by Crescent Moon - Made in Canada
Alpaca / Wool Kids' / Travel Pillow

A Multi-Use Pillow Made from Alpaca and Wool

If you're a frequent traveller, enjoy a smaller pillow or require one for a child, this pillow is a great option for you. This multi-use pillow by Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co. is made with hypoallergenic alpaca and wool, making it an ideal natural pillow to travel with or sleep with regularly. Petite and soft, it will fit into your carry-on bag and provide springy support in times when it's needed. These pillows are made with a soft 260 Thread Count organic cotton fabric covering with a pore size of 4.5 microns, making them dust mite resistant and providing protection from other environmental allergens and impurities.


  • Composed of a blend of 70% alpaca fiber and 30% wool
  • Soft and cozy for a luxuriously comfortable experience
  • Inside fibers and outer fabric are naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens
  • Outer fabric is GOTS and SKAL certified
  • Pore size of 4.5 microns in both outer fabric prevents dust mites or other allergens from entering the inner alpaca / wool fiber
  • Made in Cherryville, British Columbia, Canada

Care Instructions

Crescent Moon does not recommend washing their alpaca / wool blend pillows. Please always use an extra cover to keep inner the pillow clean. Alpaca and wool fiber will re-loft when left outside for the day to 'sun.'


Travel 16” x 20"
Flannel Travel Pillowcase 17” x 24”

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