Body Pillows

Body Pillows



Organic and natural body pillows are that missing link from many sleep systems. We have found that one very important factor to a good night's sleep is having the proper body alignment, and body pillows work wonders for this. Side sleepers rejoice, there is an answer to all that shoulder, hip and pressure point pain.

This is our top product, correcting the focus from the mattress as an all-encompassing solution.  A mattress is only one part of a complete sleep system. If you can stop the collapse of your shoulders, hips and legs, you can give your body time to rest and heal. Many of us have been coached to put a pillow between our legs, but without the shoulder and torso being supported, your whole body will twist, causing pressure and discomfort. This long narrow pillow runs the length of your body, supporting both the arm, hip and upper leg throughout the night.

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