• Sunning Your Natural Bedding
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Sunning Your Natural Bedding

Sunning Your Natural Bedding

The bright summer days bring with them the opportunity to revitalize your wool and cotton bedding, naturally. Heat, bright sunlight and the fresh summer breeze have the ability to naturally deodorize, disinfect and bleach natural fibres, restoring and bringing back their splendour. After the passing by of winter and spring seasons, it can feel wonderful to treat your bedding to a beautiful dose of sunshine.Want to give it a try? Follow the steps below to take part in this natural cleaning process:

1. On a clear and hot summer day, when the sun is brightly shining, find a place in your yard or patio to drape your bedding out in the sun. During the heat of the day, from 11 o'clock onward, is best. Avoid hours just before sun-down, as more moisture may begin to set in.

2. Make sure there is a way for air to flow through; this will help ensure it's properly refreshed.

3. An all day clean is great, but 4 hours will suffice.

4. Sunning a wool topper or comforter? Half way through, flip it over and fluff it up. Thicker bedding might require a little extra attention.

5. When the time is up, bring your bedding inside. Lay it flat on your bed, or find an additional place to drape it for an hour or so before making your bed. Any humidity from the outdoors will then have a chance to dissipate.

6. Make up your bed, newly refreshed, or tuck your bedding away in the closet or drawer. 

7. Curl up, enjoy, and repeat on another hot day. Twice per year is our suggestion.



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  • Lara Tataryn
  • BeddingLaundryLinensMaintenance MinuteNatural ProductsOrganic CottonResthouseSunningWool

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