• Hammocks with a Positive Impact
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Hammocks with a Positive Impact

Hammocks with a Positive Impact

   One of our mottos at Resthouse is "Rest, Relax and Sleep." We believe that sleep is the foundation of health, yet is much easier to achieve by taking breaks to rest and relax throughout the day. By doing so, it really helps set ourselves up for a better and deeper sleep, by breaking up the accumulation of stress and stimulation throughout the day.

  Finding ways to unplug is easier said than done. Many little tasks and distractions steal those windows of opportunity to stop and catch our breath. So how do we begin to create a habit or ritual of relaxing daily? Hop into a Hammock!

  Relaxing in a hammock is a sure fire way to have an enjoyable and quality break. Being held in a hammock's cocooning embrace sets the perfect environment to slow the mind and rest the body. We find that being suspended in the air plus the gentle rocking motion, create the ideal circumstances to drift off. Being outside under a tree or patio, gazing at nature also adds to the positive effect. 

  As an added bonus, if you choose our Yellow Leaf Hammocks, you'll know you are doing good by helping the Mlabri tribe in Thailand sustain a year round business for its vulnerable community. Yellow Leaf pays a fair wage under the principle of a "hand up, not hand out" business model. Read more about the Mlabri tribe here.

  Each hammock is triple woven with colour fast cotton yarn. This creates a super soft and stretchy hold that makes for the softest hammock you'll ever experience. A chair hammock is designed for a single occupant, and the double hammock will hold 1 or 2 people. Newly arrived at the store, come give one a test drive if you'd like to see for yourself. We know you'll be hooked like we are. They just are that ridiculously comfortable.

Click to view our Hanging Chair Hammocks and Classic Double Hammocks from Yellow Leaf Hammocks.


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    Dawn Howlett

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