Finding the Perfect Pillow: A Specialist's Perspective

Finding the Perfect Pillow: A Specialist's Perspective

Finding the perfect pillow is a daunting task. So many to choose from and so few that work. Why? Good question!

The majority of pillows don’t work as intended, and the industry is filled with the "world's best pillow": products that are touted as the only pillow you’ll ever need. Counting on a magical pillow to stay in place and keep its loft and firmness is an unrealistic expectation. As pillows wear down, we tend to unwittingly modify our sleeping positions to compensate for the lack of proper support under our heads. This inevitably leads to neck and shoulder discomfort and before we know it, we are disposing of yet another pillow and seeking out, once again, the next "perfect pillow". This is a detriment to our health, our environment and to our pocket book.

The "one pillow fits all" trend we are encountering today is misleading. When you actually visualize how you sleep, on your back, side or stomach, you realize that you do not remain in the same position overnight. When choosing a pillow, with the optimal loft for your individual needs, this must be taken into account.

Our top recommendation is to explore the benefits of a customizable pillow.

Having a pillow that you can modify and adapt over time goes along way to getting this sleep thing figured out. I personally sleep with a shredded latex customizable pillow and find that works when I sleep on my back or side, as I can easily move the material around, to get the right shape and loft for personalized use. I can also access the inside of the pillow to add more fill (or remove some) in order to keep my pillow loft at its most optimum.

Plus, we have always believed that sleeping well is about having the right sleep system, not just a one item to fix multiple issues. For example, when a side sleeper gets into a deeper sleep, there comes a point where their top leg and hip collapse down toward the mattress, causing pressure on the lower shoulder, while forcing the neck to badly arch upward. Solution: add a body pillow for improved alignment and accuracy, with an adaptable pillow, and you are well on your way to a more complete sleep strategy.


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