Alternative Woodworks Celebrates The Natural Beauty of Wood

Alternative Woodworks Celebrates The Natural Beauty of Wood


Many of you will be familiar with the Western Maple platform bed frames and benches that Resthouse has showcased since we opened 5 years ago. Some of you have also asked to know more about these pieces and who makes them. All are made by our friend and local artist David Martinello of Alternative Woodworks, with his approach that combines his woodworking skills and artistic sensibilities. It all started when we were looking for ethically sourced platform bed frames that were also made locally, and asked David if he could build for us. He enthusiastically rubbed his hands together and said "Yes". He has been dazzling us with his dynamic range of unique and classic furniture pieces ever since.

David’s process is motivated by celebrating wood’s natural beauty throughout the whole production cycle, from sourcing and inspiration to creation and finishing. David’s “wood whispering” expertise emerges from years of experience crafting wood, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. His pieces are put together using his passion for designing furniture that is both a work of art, as well as highly functional.

The wood used in each piece is sustainably harvested from within our region, with some of the more unique live edge wood being sourced within a few kilometres of our store. All are handcrafted with care and David takes pride in ensuring that the figure type, grain and colour of the wood align for a unified composition. Everything is then treated with a water-based lacquer that is low VOC, which allows the wood to breathe while offering UV protection to secure the lifespan of the wood. All of these details are evident in the quality of the finished piece.

Another trademark feature of David’s work is the time and care he takes to sand each piece to a smooth and supple finish. Often David’s work incorporates live edge elements, yet they never stray too far from a timeless look that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Each headboard and bench show off a beautifully chosen section of wood grain, that David has lovingly discovered and highlighted. His line-up at Resthouse includes platform bed frames, side tables, benches and floating shelves of all kinds.

Our Certified Organic and Natural Mattresses require specific slatting for proper support and to allow for optimal air circulation. David’s bed frames are made to perfectly accommodate these mattresses and guarantee their longevity. Alternative Woodworks holds strong the same values as we and our partners do: quality, sustainability and natural goodness. These frames are a key ingredient in completing your whole eco-fabulous sleep system.


Through his creations, David achieves a symbiotic marriage between the functionality of furniture and the beauty and essence found in nature. Shop and explore Alternative Woodworks